GFWC 10th District Art Show – Wednesday, February 26, 2020

 ARTS ~ Carol Behm

 The 10th District Art Shown is February 26 at the Arboretum in Buffalo Grove. You may enter as many items as you have completed in 2019, but only one in each of the following categories, (except in the Photography Category.) In the Photography Category, you may enter one photo in each sub-category.  Signed items need to be presented with the name covered.  The decisions of the judges are final.  Ribbons will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each category. There will also be an award for “Best of Show.”  

 The categories are:

1. Oil painting, water color, acrylic, tempera

2. Colored pencil, etching, charcoal

3. Decorative painting - any media - china ceramic, wood, glass, metal

4. Needlepoint, cross stitch, plastic canvas, latch hook, rug hook, weaving

5. Embroidery, tatting, quilting

6. Wall hanging

7. Crochet, knitting

8. Holiday decor

9. Floral arranging, wreaths

10. Paper art, albums, stencil, stamped cards

11.Jewelry, beading

12. Sculpture

13. Dolls, stuffed animals, wearable art

14. Photography:

A. LIVING THINGS (adults, animals, children birds, fish, flowers, insects, reptiles, wildlife).

B. SCENES (city, landscapes rural, skies, sunrise, sunset, waterscapes, weather).

C. STILL LIFE (abstract - any assemblage of objects either an arranged or natural setting, buildings, monuments).

D. GFWC Volunteers in Action

 Decide on the category of each of your entries and complete ONE 3 x 5 entry card for each entry. When you arrive, you may place your art and card in the proper category. (There will be 3 people to help you with this)

You may have your card prepared ahead of time or use cards that we will provide.







Kit or Original

Brief description and approximate size.